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Stuart Barker Quintet - Live session recording. The Stuart Barker quintet is a modern jazz movement, who mix influences from the whole of jazz and beyond. The band led by bass player and arranger Stuart Barker consists of five members all still in their teens who have a range of different musical character and sound. From alto saxophonist James Penny's aggresive fusion ripping through, guitarist Rob Luft's intriquite influence of modern guitarists such as Kurt Rosenwinkle, Keyboard player David Kaye's phenomenal chord and solo work adding a range of colours, Drummer Mark Hale's knowledge of the musical backgrounds make from an extremly intelligent and musical rhythmic bassis, while Stuart Barker lays down the low frequencies with a very new era idea of the double bass's role within a jazz group.
Kent based rockabilly band The Alley Devils recorded their first album with Maplewood Media